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Portable Box Grill_Outdoor Travel Complex Terrain Desert

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Carrying box-type grills_Outdoor travel complex terrain desert, barbecue on the desert is what kind of landscape, desert hiking, is a stimulating and dangerous movement, so if you go through the desert, you must not be alone, At least three people or more, or a team to cross.


Sandstorm response

With the arrival of dust, the temperature will decrease, the body's water consumption will decrease, and the marching speed will slow down. Wear windshields, masks, and headscarves when you encounter dust, and close the photographic equipment. It is also a feeling to march in the cool sand.


Control the amount of water

In the wild, everyone has different levels of thirst. Two days before you leave, you start to pump a lot of water and let your body store enough water.

After entering the desert, the backpack walks, especially around noon, the body will sweat a lot, this time you have to pay special attention, be sure to drink water regularly. Do not drink more than 100 ml each time, drink water once every 20 minutes, so that a small bottle of mineral water is enough for you to use for 2 hours. Generally, after 1 hour of walking in the morning, the hydration begins. The water for lunch at noon is controlled at 400-50 ml. 500~600 ml for dinner, if you don't have enough, you can only endure it.

Keep in mind that you should regularly drink water when you walk. This is a test of a person's ability to adapt to the environment and self-control. Without this self-control ability, you are not suitable for entering the desert.


Team awareness while walking

Portable box-type grill _ outdoor travel complex terrain desert, team travel, team members have different physical qualities, how to solve the difference problem, that is, how to solve the speed problem. Strong physical players must remember that you are participating in the team's activities, do not act alone, no matter how powerful you are, not when you are barely victorious, with extra physical strength to help those who need help to reduce the burden, compared to you before others It’s even more important to get to the destination so quickly. Arrive at the destination together and complete the task together.


Control time

Controlling marching speed and timed rest is the key to smooth arrival at the destination. It is advisable to take a 40-minute break for 3 to 5 minutes. It is necessary to strictly control the walking time of rest time, and the speed is controlled at 2.5~3 km/h.


Camp construction


Carrying box-type grills_Outdoor travel in the complex terrain of the desert. After the account is put on the pole, the tent will be rushed to the windward side with the smallest corner of the windward face. When the tent is nailed, the floating sand will be thrown off by hand to semi-float. About 20 cm below the sand is moist sand, which is hard and large enough to hold the nail. The ground nail has been inserted into the wet sand at an angle of more than 45 degrees. Generally, it can prevent the strong wind of 7~8. After the nail is nailed, the other three parts except the tent door are piled up with sand, which can also resist strong wind and keep warm. .


Walking uphill


When walking uphill, it is best to choose the footprints of the people in front, and walk on the steps. With the support of the cane, it will easily climb over the sand dunes.


Walking on the ground


It is best not to walk along the front footprints in a gentle place. It is best to walk away from the place where you have not stepped on by a dozen centimeters.


Carrying box grill


Can walk at night


During the daytime walking time, it is necessary to increase the walking time at night. In the absence of sufficient moonlight, the opener can use the glare flashlight to find out the walking route ahead, and the players in the back use the headlights to walk according to the front footprint. No business


Fill the hunger


It takes a lot of energy to walk through the desert on a weight-bearing walk. It is recommended to take a small amount of high-calorie road food to supplement the body energy while walking at 9~10 in the morning and 3~4 in the afternoon. It is not necessary to supplement when you are too hungry.


Use of the camera


The fine sand in the desert will cover your body when you don't care, so take care to take out the camera and take the sand off your hands to avoid the camera touching the sand. If you accidentally get on the sand, you can use your mouth to blow off the sand. Try not to use the camera when there is wind, and wrap the camera in a sealed bag or camera case.

Portable Box Grill_Outdoor Travel Complex Terrain Desert