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Which drinking utensils do I need to prepare for manually rotating the grill outdoors?

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Which cooking equipment is required to manually rotate the grill outdoor travel? The biggest consideration for choosing the cookware is the weight, height, temperature and fuel burning capacity. The stove is selected, it must be easy to ignite, easy to operate, and the firepower is long, even in the Cold, wet or strong winds.


Gas furnace

In the early camps, the wildfires were used. Although there were inexhaustible firewoods in the wild, there were many shortcomings. If you need to dig stoves, it would cause mountain fires and pollute the environment. A dedicated mountaineering burner overcomes these shortcomings.


Gasoline stove

With white gasoline, it can be preheated with its own fuel oil, but you can't use high-grade gasoline and unleaded gasoline. Don't let foreign matter block the sneeze. The steamed stove will smell a little.


Kerosene furnace

Its volatilization ability is lower than that of white gasoline. Preheating must use white gasoline or alcohol. It cannot preheat itself. The wind pressure is insufficient to appear yellow fire and the smell of soot is very heavy with many carbon particles. It cannot be used in tents.


Alcohol stove

Alcohol stoves are the lightest and cheapest stoves in a variety of field stoves. They use low-burning liquid fuels, such as alcohol, without direct compression for direct combustion.

But its biggest drawback is that the fire output is very low. It is ok to cook simple food for a single person, but it can't be afforded as a group cooking tool.


Manually rotating the grill

Solid fuel furnace (white wax furnace)

The solid furnace is made of white wax or other similar fuels. The principle is similar to that of the alcohol furnace. Both are direct-fired. The advantages and disadvantages are similar to those of the alcohol furnace. They are structurally simple and easy to use, but the fire output is low.


Gas furnace

What kind of drinking utensils do you need to prepare for manually rotating the grill? The gas stove is a very common stove because it is convenient, easy to ignite and control firepower, and can provide maximum firepower in the shortest time without fuel spillage. In the crisis, most butane is not suitable for low temperature use unless it is used in high altitudes. Gas tanks cannot be refilled and must be taken down the mountain after use. Do not leave in the wild.

It is convenient to use gas, gas can be bought on the market, small size and light weight, can be used for about three hours.


Gas tank

The gas tank relies on the high-pressure combustible gas in the gas tank to work as a fuel.

Gas tank classification

Long cans: Long cans are long strips, similar to hair spray bottles. The front seal is a metal tube that is pressed down to produce gas. The long tank is generally cheaper. The fuel price per tank is usually less than ten yuan, which is more economical.

Flat cans: Flat cans are generally oblate. The common one is a medium-sized flat tank with a height of about 12 cm, as well as an enlarged and mini-pack. The flat can is sealed with a one inch opening. The price of flat tanks is relatively expensive, generally more than 12 yuan, and even high is even tens of dollars.


Manually rotating the grill

Combustion effect of gas tank

Which cooking equipment is required to manually rotate the grill outdoor travel? The combustion effect of the gas tank depends on the proportion and purity of the gas filled inside.

A typical gas tank is filled with butane gas as a fuel. The purity of different gases is different, and the degree of combustion is not the same.

When the temperature is below minus ten degrees, some of the high pressure liquid in the tank begins to freeze. Good gas tanks are suitable for use in harsh places such as snow mountains and high altitudes.



There is a stove, no pot can not, cooking, soup, noodles, fried eggs rely on it. Generally speaking, it is enough to choose two or three sets of pots. The domestic price is one or two hundred yuan, and the imported pot is 300~500 yuan.

Which drinking utensils do I need to prepare for manually rotating the grill outdoors?