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American carbon oven _ camping camp

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American carbon oven _ camping group to build a campsite, the camp will be built after the camp is selected, especially a large-scale camping site, the construction of the entire camp is particularly important.


Camp layout


Flat ground

Clean up the tent area that has been selected, and remove any stones, shrubs, and other things that can easily pierce the tent. Uneven areas can be filled with soil or grass, etc. The construction of the tent is the most basic work, and the construction and maintenance of the toilet is a very important and easily overlooked work.


Site division

A well-established camp should be divided into tent camping area, fire area, dining area, entertainment area, water area (washing) and sanitation area. The fire zone should be in the downwind, and the fire star will burn the tent. The dining area should be near the fire area for cooking and eating. The activity area and the entertainment area should be in the downwind of the dining area to prevent the dust from polluting the tableware and the like. The sanitation area should also be located in the downwind of the activity area. The water use area should be divided into two sections on the stream and its rivers. The upper section is the edible drinking water zone and the lower section is the domestic water zone.


Construction tent camping area

If there are tent camps consisting of several tents, when arranging tents, it should be noted that the tent doors are opened in one direction and arranged side by side. There should be a certain distance between the tents.


Construction fire dining area

It is common to use the fire together with the fire. The place where the rice is cooked is preferably a place with ridges and stone ridges. In order to dig the stove, the firewood collected by everyone should be piled outside the area or upwind. It is best to have a grass in the dining area where everyone can sit. The "dining table" can be used with a flat stone or on the ground.


Building a sanitary area

The sanitation area is a convenient place to solve the problem. If you only stay for one night, you don’t have to dig a pit for you. If the number of stays is more than two days, it should be dug. Temporary toilets should be built in densely populated areas, so there is no need to pull the curtains. The toilet should be carried out in the sanitation area, not in the mountains, but in the landscape and polluting the environment.


Building entertainment area

As long as the entertainment area is flat, and clean up the objects in the venue, you should pull the protection in a defined circle when you play some games, so as to avoid accidents.

American carbon oven _ camping camp