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Jiangmen Changyi Metalware Factory has been committed to hardware stamping processing work. Chang excessive was established in 1988, today, fully experienced in 17 years, with metal processing industry to grow together. From the first three sets punch, more than 100 square meters workshop, development now has more than 100 sets to all sorts of different types of punch, the staff of nearly 300 people, modern workshop three rooms, a total construction area of 3000 square meters. To adapt to the development needs, more has established the mould workshop, plastic spraying workshop, precision casting workshop, design department; Purchases a large number of advanced production equipment. Chang excessive always think competition is ultimately the dispute of talents. So highsalary invited a large number of senior technical personnel, both national mold technician, also have inspired vigor of the design personnel, more diligent clever grassroots production workers.


Professional, professional-success, from a professional. To sum up the most prosperous overflowing a classic statements. Through the accumulation of 17 years, chang excessive already can one-stop finish stamping and supporting process. Through the 17 years as one day of punching, new pearl river delta has become quite a scale and the famous professional metal stamping processing, sales of factory.


Quality first-a high quality stamping parts, will the other products made show class. Instead, stamping inferior quality, influence the grade of the product, performance, affect the product sales. Chang overflowing through the years of management experience, and through the


"The fine mode-fine bed-category five quality checks--packing RCC" methods will the quality of the products in the international standard accuracy control within. Whether you are a big customer or small customers, no matter your parts is much is small, we ensure that, your stamping have only standard--is superior.


Low price advantage-scale, big production, has lower prices of raw materials, to guarantee the machining quality in chang overflowing, under the premise of processing charge is rivals are low. In the increasingly fierce competition today, lower cost is a hard truth!


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