Come and join in the fun, there is more to the picnic than a barbecue.

From the whole process of picnic, the following questions need to be answered:1. Where to go (whether there is a corresponding water source, electricity, gas, etc.); What's the weather like)?

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Ask an experienced friend to talk about what kind of barbecue grill is good?

It's getting hotter, and it's beer barbecue season again. Whether it's a night off work or a weekend holiday, it's very pleasant to have a barbecue and beer with three or two friends.


What are some interesting allusions to barbecue?

In 1219 AD, Genghis Khan led his army to the west, but was unable to cook due to a lack of drinking utensils. Taizu had an idea and asked the soldiers to take off their helmets and use them as pots and set them on fire to roast meat, which solved this problem.


The History of Barbecue

Barbecue has a history of 1.7 million years Speaking of barbecue, it can be said that it is the earliest cooking method in China and even the world, and if it is calculated from the use of fire by humans, it should have a history of 1.7 million years.