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WelcometoChangYi             OurCustomers:  FamilyDollar,Fred's,KOHL'S,Kmart,Char-Broil,BIGLOTS,Hornbach,ADEO,Homeelementsandsoon...                             BBQwithyourFamilyandFriends!     ToUseWARNING:Toavoidburns,alwayswearprotectiveovenmittsornon-flammable,heat-resistantgloveswhileusingtheGrill.Donottouchhotsurfaces.Alwaysuseheat-resistantutensilswiththeGrill.PlacecharcoalinapileontheCharcoalGrid.Ifusingcharcoallighterfluid,additnow,beforelightingthecharcoal.WARNING: Neverusecharcoallighterfluidonafireoronembers.Carefullylightthecharcoal.Flamescanrisequickly;keephair,clothes,face,andbodyawayfromtheflame.Whenthecharcoalturnswhitearoundtheedges,itisreadyforcooking.Useaheat-resistantutensilwithalonghandletospreadthecharcoalevenlyontheCharcoalGrid.AddtheCookingGrid.PlacethefoodtobecookedontotheCookingGrid.AddorremovetheLidasdesired.UsetheVentstoadjusttheheatofthecoals.OpeningtheVentsallowsmoreoxygentogettothecoals,causingthemtoburnhotterandfaster.ClosingtheVentslimitstheoxygentothecoalsandlowerstheirtemperature,causingthemtoburnlonger,butnotashot.Whenfinishedcooking,removethefoodwithyourheat-resistantutensil.AllowtheGrilltocoolcompletelyandthendiscardtheashes.Cleanasdescribedbelowafteratleasteveryfiveuses.CareandMaintenanceWARNING: Toavoidapossibleburnhazard,allowtheGrilltocompletelycoolbeforerelocatingorcleaningit.CAUTION: InspecttheGrillregularlyforlooseBoltsandNuts,tighteningthemasnecessary.NOTICE: DonotuseabrasivecleanersorsolventsontheGrill.CleantheBowl,Lid,CookingGrid,andCharcoalGridwithasponge,warmwater,andamildsoap.Wipetheremainingpartswithadampsponge.-        ToremovebakedondebrisfromtheGrids,soakthemforabout15minutesinwarmwaterandthenusethescrubbingsideofasponge.FortheassembledBowl,pourwarmwaterintoitandletitsoak.-        Donotuseharshpadsonanypartoftheproducttopreventscratchesanddamagetothefinish.-        Dryallpartsaftercleaningthem.Storeindoorsorinashelteredoutdoorlocationwhennotinuse. RustonMetalFinishes:
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Family Dollar,Fred's,KOHL'S,Kmart,Char-Broil,BIG LOTS,Hornbach,ADEO,Home elements and so on...




             BBQ with your Family and Friends!






To Use


  • To avoid burns, always wear protective oven mitts or non-flammable, heat-resistant gloves while using the Grill.
  • Do not touch hot surfaces.
  • Always use heat-resistant utensils with the Grill.
  • Place charcoal in a pile on the Charcoal Grid.
  1. If using charcoal lighter fluid, add it now, before lighting the charcoal.
    WARNING: Never use charcoal lighter fluid on a fire or on embers.
  2. Carefully light the charcoal. Flames can rise quickly; keep hair, clothes, face, and body away from the flame.
  3. When the charcoal turns white around the edges, it is ready for cooking. Use a heat-resistant utensil with a long handle to spread the charcoal evenly on the Charcoal Grid. Add the Cooking Grid.
  4. Place the food to be cooked onto the Cooking Grid.
  5. Add or remove the Lid as desired.
  6. Use the Vents to adjust the heat of the coals. Opening the Vents allows more oxygen to get to the coals, causing them to burn hotter and faster. Closing the Vents limits the oxygen to the coals and lowers their temperature, causing them to burn longer, but not as hot.
  7. When finished cooking, remove the food with your heat-resistant utensil. Allow the Grill to cool completely and then discard the ashes.
  8. Clean as described below after at least every five uses.

Care and Maintenance

WARNING: To avoid a possible burn hazard, allow the Grill to completely cool before relocating or cleaning it.

CAUTION: Inspect the Grill regularly for loose Bolts and Nuts, tightening them as necessary.

NOTICE: Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents on the Grill.

  • Clean the Bowl, Lid, Cooking Grid, and Charcoal Grid with a sponge, warm water, and a mild soap. Wipe the remaining parts with a damp sponge.

-        To remove baked on debris from the Grids, soak them for about 15 minutes in warm water and then use the scrubbing side of a sponge. For the assembled Bowl, pour warm water into it and let it soak.

-        Do not use harsh pads on any part of the product to prevent scratches and damage to the finish.

-        Dry all parts after cleaning them.

  • Store indoors or in a sheltered outdoor location when not in use.


Rust on Metal Finishes:


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